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         TITH NGAW PAI       


We're a traditional Chinese martial art school,promoting the Hakka martial art of its founder Lee Tith Ngaw. This martial art is about 220 years old and originated in the Muichau (Meizhou) area of north-east Guangdong province in China.


During a trading trip in the Kong Sai (Jiangxi) province, Lee family members met a Siu Lam monk who taught them some combat skills. Young Lee Tith Ngaw first learned from his close relatives before apprenticing with the monk. Then he revised all the knowledge he had seen, and with his own input he created a no-nonsense fighting art with explosive movements.


The art was transmitted to the Chung family when Chung A Yan went to learn from Lee Tith Ngaw. Out of respect for his teacher, Chung A Yan named his art Tith Ngaw Pai. It was a common practice among Hakka people to name their arts after the teacher's name. Chung A Yan taught his son Chung Tjong Wah who subsequently migrated to Hong Kong. He taught Chung Kang Yau from Man Uk Pin village in the New Territories.


Lee Tith Ngaw and his family migrated further south to Shantou. The grandson Lee Guang Jam promoted their fighting art well, so people started to call it Lee Family Teaching. Lee Guang Jam went to Vietnam to promote their art and taught Chau Fei Hung, who subsequently migrated to Hong Kong. There he taught Cheng Wai Chung.


Finally Galland R. aka Kong Han Lei learned from Chung Kang Yau and Cheng Wai Chung. He has received training in Belgium, England and Hong Kong. He thoroughly studied both arts and was permitted to promote these systems in Europe.




























Chung Kang Yau and Kong Han Lei. Antwerp, Belgium, 1999.


























Cheng Wai Chung & Kong Han Lei. Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2018.


Kong Han Lei teaches in the Tith Ngaw Pai headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2023, aged 69, he can look back on a kung fu career beginning in 1971 and spanning 52 years.


Currently Kong Han Lei is also chairman of the committee for traditional styles of the Belgian Wushu Federation. Chairman of Han Lei's Martial Art Association. Heir and lineage head of Tith Ngaw Pai, and heir of Lee Gar Gao.












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Tel.: +32 (0)475 65 80 88



Sint Annalei 27

2640 Mortsel, Antwerp - Belgium.


Beginners: Wednesday 19h00 - 20h00

Advanced: Monday 18h30 - 20h00

Private lessons: by appointment.



















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      Kong Han Lei with his Sifu Cheng Wai Chung
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